Nice dating place in cebu

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Some of the girls are cute, some are pretty, most have nice body figures. Colon is not the nicest part of Cebu but there are still many Expats & foreigners so how bad can it be. If you go out on the street she may cost 500 pesos but you may be purchasing a disease. If you MUST take lots of money then don’t keep it in your wallet.

Located at Mango Avenue, Cebu City The bar is not spacious. Their dance stage is placed next to the bar table where the drinks are served. The dance floor for the girls is on the center of the bar and seats are on the sides and corners. Although you might see some unsightly belly jiggling and wiggling on stripper pole on a few girls, there are still some cute ladies. Some are addicts, some have reached a level of life that is so desparate that they must do anything for just a few peso, on the streets you DON’t KNOW what you are getting!

Here are some of the Cebu Girls: Bar Girls that offers fine quality Ceb Located at North Reclamation Area corner road along Gen. Some of them are actually models in Cebu who works there part time so you can expect a high quality of girls.

Attracted to person or even you’re fighting about it’s about not giving advice.In dining, we’d like to appreciate our surroundings as much as the taste of the cuisine served on our tables.Hence, we featured previously homegrown restaurants you shouldn’t miss in Cebu.The views our eyes are seeing add flavor to every food we’re eating.So to those who are looking for scrumptious meal in a romantic restaurant for a dinner date, a cozy place with breathtaking view for a repast with family or friends, or just want to find an overlooking place to chill around Cebu City, we have put together 15 dining places you can choose from. On the roof deck, you can enjoy watching the sparkling lights of the vehicles going near and over the bridge while indulging in a tasty bowl of Pomodoro soup, chicken salad, or fire-wood pizza, not to mention the ever in-demand buffalo wings.

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