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But we have fancy new ribbon icons, so all is well, right?Next I learn that Excel uses SHA1 to encrypt spreadsheets instead of the previous method, which I assume was some sort of XOR with a one-character password. Creating an xla file is not necessary and really depends on what you are looking to do with this code. For example, the code below will create two separate worksheet objects, and change the name of each of the worksheets (without having to select the sheet before applying the name change). Before I start, I will admit I posted this in a forum that helps me a lot with another Office product, but as of this post they were not able to shed any light on this issue. Calculation = xl Calculation Manual Dim s Conn Params, s SQL As String Dim db File, db Path, db Name As String This Workbook. Select db File = "Counsellor Data.mdb" db Name = "Counsellor Data" db Path = Sheet3. ------ Category: Excel: VBA Hi, I encounter a flickering problem with my program despite using screenupdating.

I've got a listbox which populates a second listbox from cells on a hidden worksheet which is done through macros. The first thing I did was get stingy about my protection.Excel & Word have the Screen Updating method thru which a developer can lock the main window from unnecessarily redrawing itself whilst the macro is being executed. If left alone, redrawing is not only ugly on the eyes it also takes more time for the macro to reach completion.Every time I select a value in the listbox, the screen " flickers" to the hidden worksheet. I want to be able to do the whole process without that "flickering".

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